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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thursday Is Last Day To Create Your Stable

  • Make sure you create your stable by Thursday night.  This year there is not late registering as it's a new format and a shortened season.  
  • I just created my stable and it appears as if there is no way to form a league.  I'll keep investigating, but so far I haven't found any glimmers of hope.  If this is the case, that's not good for us.  I really enjoyed having our own league.  It made things a bit more fun and helped us keep up with our donations to Old Friends.
  • If the above is indeed true we have have to get creative on how to create a makeshift league and track  who is in, how much money we raise, who wins, etc.  My guess is an Excel Spreadsheet will be involved.  Welcome to rotisserie league 1995.  
  • At any rate please sign up a stable and make a donation to Old Friends.  Thanks to everyone who has already donated.  We are off to a good start this year.  
  • I probably won't preview nor post the entries for races this year since we don't need to set our stables.  But I'll try to have everyone's favorite Monday Morning Hot Walk posts.  
  • Songs will be involved with posts.  Might go with a race tie-in, but am thinking of just posting songs/videos that are pure joy as Derby is pure joy.  
How about the Go-Go's live in concert in 1981 at a high school gym in Los Angeles playing an early version of 'Vacation'? Pure joy.  

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  1. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Anonymous7:34 PM

    Um how do we talk to each other? I miss being able to interact with our little group, but your emails are blind cc/ no reply.

    Signed Blugrsgrl