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Friday, March 22, 2013

Road to the Roses 2013: Set Your Stables

So if you haven't heard yet, the Road to the Roses site has been updated.  You can now go in and set your stable.  You have until March 28th to do so.  The first races are March 30th (Florida Derby, UAE Derby, and Louisiana Derby).  Setting up your stable is very easy this year.  I don't think it could be much more user-friendly.  Let's limit one stable per participant.

I will set my stable sometime this week.  After I do I will set the league up and send out the code information so you can join.  I'll try to get that our early, but I could get start over-analyzing my picks and it might take until the 28th.  At any rate, if you don't join the league by the first races it's fine.  The points you earn from your stable will still count.  

AND REMEMBER:  This is a charitable fundraising league.  We play for a purpose and it's Old Friends Equine.  It's easy to donate the suggested 'league fee' of $10 on the right side of this blog.  Someone donated within day of me posting the new donation widget.  Thank you!

Let me know if you have any question along the way.  Feel free invite a friend to join us.  It's all for a good cause.  

Have fun setting your stables.  

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  1. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Um how do we talk to each other? I miss being able to interact with our little group, but your emails are blind cc/ no reply.

    Signed Blugrsgrl